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My name is Tao WU, i am a Chinese who has passion about Chinese tea and i am living in Toronto, Canada. I am the founder of Tao Tea Leaf and Toronto Tea Festival. I enjoy sharing my Chinese tea knowledge and experience, i organize annual China Tea Tour, i appreciate the art of tea.

Like every other tea lover, i am still keep learning, tea is a life time journey. The Chinese Tea Dictionary is a idea i had 4 years ago, i resisted the  domain name on 2011, but i didn’t have time to manage it so the site was down for couples years. This situation gave me enough time to think and plan more about the site. On the December of 2015, i have a very clear idea what i want to do with Chinese Tea Dictionary.

About Chiness Tea Dictionary

The idea about the Chinese Tea Dictionary is about sharing the real knowledge of Chinese tea, showing transparency in the tea industry, showing all the serious Chinese tea lovers’ story.

I am not a good writer because my poor English, but i am a honest writer; i don’t have those beautiful words but i will tell the true stories.

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If you like Chinese Tea Dictionary, please share this website with your friends; if you have any different opinion, feel free leave your comment and suggestion, it will help us to improve.

Thank you again and let us enjoy the art of tea together.

Tao WU

Dec 17, 2015

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